What is the purpose of the Billy Cart Derby?

The purpose of the derby is for people (particularly parents and children) to share in an enjoyable activity as a community.  The major emphasis of the event is not the winning of races, but in having a fun time together building your cart and then racing it together as a team.

What date and time does the Billy Cart Derby run from and to?

The event will be held on Sunday 28th April from 10am – 4pm. If it’s raining the event will be postponed to a date to be confirmed, and this will be posted on the Latest Info section of the event website.

What time do we need to check in our cart and team on the day?

Race Marshalling check-in for the event will begin at 9am in the Check In Area on Market Lane. The first races will begin at 10.30am and finish at 3.00pm.
Scrutineering of Carts will occur in the Inspection Area. If you are bringing your own cart, please make sure you arrive for check-in 1 hour before start time for scrutineering and marshalling, and to collect your Rego Pack and info about the day.

Do I have to stay after we’ve delivered our cart to the Inspection Area?

You are not required to stay with your cart after you have checked in and delivered it to the Inspection Area for scrutineering. You will need to identify your cart to the scrutineers on arrival. You will need to be with your cart ready for race marshaling a minimum 15 minutes before your first race begins. Please note that the scrutineers may need to speak with you about any aspects for your cart they consider need adjustment for safety purposes, so we do recommend that you remain with your cart during this process.

Your cart, your children and your belongings are your responsibility, therefore please do not leave any valuables or unsupervised minors with your cart or in the event area. Security personnel will be in the event area; however, the event organisers cannot take responsibility for your cart, children or personal belongings.

Who is the Billy Cart Derby suitable for?

The billy cart derby is for anyone who is fit enough to ride or push a billy cart without major risk of physical injury. Before entering please consider your personal level of fitness, and health.
The minimum age of Drivers is 5.5 years old (born before 1/11/2013)
The Minimum age of Pushers is 10 years old

Why can’t children younger than 5.5 yrs complete?

We’d love to include everyone, but we also want to ensure families are kept safe, therefore we have to restrict the minimum age to those we believe will be able to steer their carts safely whilst it’s moving at reasonable speed and be able to follow safety instructions.

Why are people pushing the billy carts?

The derby is being held on a gentle slope due to Local Police and Council safety requirements. The presence of “pushers” makes the derby more of a team event then a single driver event.  Each billy cart will need to be fitted at the rear with a sturdy (i.e. non-splintering) handle.

What constitutes a “Team”?

Each Team comprises of 1 driver and 1 pusher, so when entering your registration, you will need to select a Team Name for your Team.

What if our family is entering 2 teams using the same cart to race in?

The online entry form allows you to enter up to 2 teams using the same cart (Cart Name). You will need to enter each team name and the driver & pusher combination for that team in the entry form provided (for example Team “Abracadbra” has John Smith as Pusher and Danny Smith as driver in your cart, and then your second team “Mighty Movers” could have John Smith as Pusher and Gemma Smith as Driver)

Can a Pusher be in more than 1 team?

Yes, you can use the same Pusher in more than 1 team, each driver should be different.

What if we have more than 2 teams using the same cart?

You will need to enter any additional Teams, even if using the same Cart, as a new Registration Form for that team/cart.

How many races can my team (rider and pusher) expect to compete in?

Registration allows a team to compete in as many races as desired on the day. All races will be held along 70 metres distances, all races are finals, so the winner of each race wins a prize.

Can I enter a billy cart that does not comply with the required specifications?

No.  We would hate to see teams spend a lot of time building billy carts that are rejected by the scrutineers, so please read the requirements carefully. Please note that carts built and approved for use at other “grass based” events may not comply, so please check the requirements carefully to see what modifications your cart may require.

If you don’t have time to build your own cart, on the event day there will be billy carts available for teams without their own cart to compete in. These carts will be compliant with the event rules.

Can I enter more than one team using the same billy cart?

Yes.  Please refer to the registration instructions above.

Can I register on the day of the event?

Yes.  If you can’t register before the event, you can register on the event day. Try to come early so that we can complete scrutineering of your cart before races begin. If you are not bringing your own cart, you can register to compete at any time during the event.

What happens if we register online and can’t race on the day?

We ask as a courtesy that you contact the event team before the day to advise of your inability to compete. However, we understand that this might not be possible at short notice.

Your pre-registration helps us to plan for the number of marshals, personnel, registration material and rego packs we prepare for the day.  These are prepared in advance of the event.